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Personal Tax

It is our mission to assure that every individual tax client has claimed each deduction and credit available to them. We couldn’t possibly ask you whether each and every deduction in the tax guide applies to you. We can only look at your family situation and then try to determine what you should be claiming. We ask that you read through CRA’s tax return guide to make yourself aware of what might be available and then please feel free to call us to see if it applies to you or mention it while we are preparing your return. Working together we will be able to minimize the taxes you are paying and of course maximize your refund. It is always great to get a nice refund after paying so many taxes throughout the year.

Refund in about Two weeks with E-File

Century Accountants is committed to providing the quickest possible service with reasonable degree of accuracy. Our personal income tax service specialist will thoroughly check and re-check each tax return after preparation. It is then EFILED & most probably you should get refund in about two weeks from the preparation date.

Free pickup of tax information slips for the disabled or elderly. We will also obtain all the necessary signatures and payment so no office visit would be required.

Documents Required for Your Personal Tax

SIN Card (Name & Number)
Mailing Address & Email Id
Phone Number
T4 Salary and Wages
T4E Employment Insurance Benefit
T4A Pension, Retirement, Annuity, and other income (Scholarships, Bursaries)
T5007 Worker’s Compensation and Social Assistance Payments
T4A(P) Canada Pension Plan Benefit
T4A(OAS) Old Age Security Benefits
T4RIF Registered Income Fund Income
T4RSP Registered Retirement Saving Plan
T5 Interest and Dividend Income
T2201 Disability Certificate (If first year of claim or previous one has expired)
T2202(A) Education Fee paid
T2200 Declaration of Conditions of  Employment


Receipts for

Medical Expenses
RRSP Contribution
Charitable Donations
Student Loan Interest
Childcare Expenses (Organization name or service provider SIN number) etc.
Property tax bill and/or rent paid during the year
Child’s Fitness Activity Receipts(if any)

In addition to above taxpayer should bring the below information for additional tax credits.

SIN Card (Name & Number)
Dependent income if any.
Spouse or common law partner’s income if any.
If the taxpayer is a new immigrant, he / she must provide date of arrival in Canada